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A book review is an account of a book. It describes, analyzes, or evaluates a book based on its subject, context, strengths, and weaknesses. Book reviews serve different purposes depending on who wrote them. Outside the school setting, they are often written by literary critics, often at the request of book editors and authors who have self-published to help sell the book. In a school setting, they are often given as assignments to students who are required to review selected books. Whatever the purpose behind writing a book review, book report, or review essay, you need to do it right. We can help you do that. We will tell you more about our services in a bit but first, let us look at what goes into writing a good book review.


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What it Entails

  • Review a book in a field you have knowledge in. Finding suitable books to review in a field you are familiar with will make it easier for you to write a good review. To find suitable books in your field, explore your local library shelves, look through online book databases, and read magazines and newspapers’ book review sections. Look at academic journals too. For an assignment that asks you to review a specific book, you may not need to go through this process because it will likely be a book you are familiar with in a field you have knowledge in.
  • Read the book. Common sense dictates that you need to read the book before you write the review. If you read it recently, you can simply start writing the review. If it has been a while since you read it, you may want to go through it again lightly. As you read the book, make a note of the arguments and how the book presents them, how the arguments have been supported, and the type of book. You should also check whether it lives up to what it said it would, the school of thought used, how well it is written, its contribution to the field, and its benefits and comparison with similar books. Once you have gone through it, you can plan and start working on the review.
  • Write the review. Though short, the book review structure includes a title and citation details, an introduction that concisely talks about the author, the book’s context and thesis, and a statement of your thesis on the book. The review should contain a paragraph summarizing the book, a few others analyzing/evaluating it, and finally, the conclusion that has a summed-up version of your thesis, restates your thesis, or judges the book. The conclusion should focus on the negative and positive aspects of the book. Keeping it short regardless of the number of pages in the book requires good writing skills.
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