Money-Back Guarantee Policy

One of our core values as a custom-writing company is customer satisfaction. Nearly all the clients who request the services of are happy with their involvement with us. Hence, situations where clients ask for a refund of their money are not common. However, we acknowledge a few and unfortunate incidences when a customer may want their money back. Most custom-writing companies promise their customers refunds, but they lack reliable and definitive Money-Back Guarantee Policies. We, at, have a concise and clear policy aimed at enhancing our clients’ experience and overall contentment with our services. Our Money-Back Guarantee Policy gives a clear outline of situations and conditions that may lead to refunds from This policy has two main parts:

  1. Before approving the order’s preview version
  2. After approving your order

Before Approving the Order’s Preview Version

For you to qualify for a 100% refund, any of the following circumstances must prevail:

  1. You cancel or withdraw an order immediately after placing it, and a writer is yet to be assigned to it.
  2. During payment, you made a mistake, for instance, paying multiple times for one order or paying for several identical orders.
  3. We are not able to find a writer suitable enough to work on your order.
  4. The deadline expires, the paper has not been delivered to you, and you do not need it anymore. In this case, you will be fully refunded, but you will not receive the paper. Moreover, you will be required not to use any documents related to the order, which may have previously been forwarded to you. Please note that this situation does not pertain to late revisions.

You will be eligible for a 70% refund if:

  1. You withdraw (cancel) an order that is in progress (one assigned to a writer) when less than half of the time required for its completion (deadline) has passed. You cannot receive 100% of your money back in such a situation because the writer has already started working on your order. It is only fair that they receive compensation for the effort they have already put into your paper.

You will be eligible for a 50% if:

  1. You cancel or withdraw an order that is already assigned to a writer when more than half of the time required for its completion (deadline) has passed.
  2. We are not able to find a writer suitable enough to work on your revision.

You are eligible for a variable percentage if:

  1. You still need to use the paper even if it was delivered to you late. In such a situation, you have the right to a refund because of the lateness. For a paper that has been delivered late, a new price is set by calculating a new figure that is dependent on the exact time the paper was delivered. The refund to be issued is calculated by subtracting the new price from the real price you were charged for the order. For instance, you may have placed an order expecting it in 3 days, but it is delivered to you after 3 days and 10 hours. If you paid $88 for it, but the price of the paper would have been $80 if you had required it within 3 days and 10 hours, you will receive an $8 refund, which is equal to $88 - $80.
  2. You feel that the quality of the product you received is unsatisfactory. In such a case, you have three options. Firstly, you can ask that the order be revised. Secondly, you can request that the order be reassigned from the current writer and assigned to a new writer. Lastly, you can also ask that the order be set on ‘Dispute’ status. You can do the latter by writing a comment to the customer care staff. Just sign in to your order page and comment, “Please set this order on ‘Dispute’ status” to the support team. Afterward, you can request your money back, but note that:
    • You will need strong and convincing reasons to back up your request to dispute the order.
    • Ample time is needed to solve the dispute. Our support team may have to take the dispute to the Quality Assurance Department (QAD), who will work with the client and the writer to work out the situation. The QAD may ask you for more information and/or materials to verify your claim and exchange messages with you and the writer. These actions need time to be carried out satisfactorily.
    • There is no preset percentage value of refund for orders on ‘dispute’ status. Each case is uniquely analyzed, and after scrutiny, a decision is made regarding the percentage refund.
    • If you are requested to provide further information and/or materials to assist us in dispute resolution, and you fail to do so within 14 days, the dispute will be canceled, and you will not receive any refund after that.

After Approving your Order

Please be aware that after the preview version of your paper is made available on your order page and the order is marked as ‘Delivered,’ you have a period of 14 days to read it and approve the order or submit a revision request. If you fail to act within the time limit of 14 days, the paper will be automatically approved by our system. After an order’s approval, you can download a paper with copy, edit, and print privileges from your order page.

You can ask for an unlimited number of revisions as long as they conform to our Revision Policy. However, once you approve the order, it will be assumed that you have double-checked the preview version. When you approve the order, you verify that the quality of the product satisfies you, and you do not have any other complaints. There is no possibility of a refund after you have approved an order. Nevertheless, you can still ask for a revision within the first 1 week (7 days) after the order has been approved.

You are advised not to approve an order if you have not scrutinized the preview version and verified that the paper satisfies your requirements. If you cannot download and view the preview version due to any error or difficulty, kindly get in touch with our friendly support team for them to prepare another version for you.

Please note that after issuing a 100% refund on an order, maintains copyright to the paper and all other materials that might have been uploaded on your order page or forwarded to you by our customer care staff or our writer(s). Thus, you should desist from using such materials and documents as they are our property, and we have the right to make use of them in any way we see fit. This includes publishing the papers on our site and presenting them as samples, which means that any software checking for plagiarism will report 100% plagiarism showing that the paper was copied from our website.