In this post, we will see the main sections that make a research paper that the best research paper writing services in the USA can help you with. Though no specific writing style exists for a research paper, certain parts are common to all papers.

Title or Cover Page

This page should contain the paper’s title, author’s name, professor/supervisor’s name, course details, and the submission date, among others.


Although not every research paper requires an abstract, it is important to have one for longer and more complex research papers. It should never be more than a page and should describe the paper’s main theme. The abstract includes the research question, its significance, methodology, and main results. Great care has to be taken when developing the abstract of the research paper since it’s the first page the instructor will read. So, ensure it has important content, good style, and aesthetic appeal. Avoid writing it hastily or carelessly. You can get help from the best research paper writing services in the USA.


The introduction should include the main research problem and the thesis argument. It should state what you are studying precisely, why it is important, how original it is, and whether it will fit the gap in other studies. Please do not give a lengthy justification for your topic before it has been stated explicitly.

Limitations of the Study

This indicates what you intend to do and what you will not be attempting. You can limit the scope of your paper by many factors such as gender, time, age, personnel, geographical location, and nationality, among others.


This should include a discussion of your research methodology, such as whether you have employed qualitative or quantitative research methods, administered a questionnaire or interviewed people, conducted any field research, and any data collection instruments used.

Literature Review

This part of the research paper will uncover what other writers have written about your topic. So, the literature review should include a discussion or review of everything known about the subject and how this data was acquired.

Argument or Main Body

This is where you will support your thesis and build an argument. It will be the longest part of your research paper and contain full citations and analysis. This part of your research paper should focus on a rational development of the thesis with a solid argumentation and clear reasoning at all points.


This part will bring everything together and will emphasize the research’s key findings. Ensure you create a stimulating and informative conclusion that keeps the reader informed and satisfied.

Bibliography or Works Cited

This is the list of references from which you acquired the information. It should include the title of the paper, book, or journal, author name, publisher, year of publishing, city of the publisher, and volume number, among others.


An appendix should contain material that can enlarge the reader’s understanding. This data may include tables, summaries, charts, interview questions, lengthy statistics, questionnaires, maps, photographs, pictures, glossaries, lists of terms, and survey instruments.


Remember that the structure of your research paper will depend on the assignment requirements. Analyze specific research questions and find reliable sources before writing the final works.